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Piraeus Railway Station

In an administrative capacity, the Piraeus Railway Station falls under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Piraeus. The property, which is located in a central location, adjacent to Piraeus Harbor (Akti Kallimasioti is between the two) and the terminal station for the metro/subway line of HSAP (Kononos Street being located between the two). The other two sides of the property which define the city block (99/Τ.25), border with Agiou Dionysiou and Fokionos Streets.

The total surface area of the property of Piraeus Railway Station is approximately 13 stremma. The basic building of the Railway Station consists of a central two story section and two side ground level sections. The total square footage of the building is 590 sqm. The building was constructed at the start of the 20th century, and under  law 21745/1214/16.03.1987 (FEK. 420/Δ/15-05-1987) has been designated as a listed building and is located within the area of the historical center of Piraeus (p.d. 27-08-1982, D’ 410).

The station has been upgraded and is now the terminal station of the suburban and intercity network (both towards the Peloponnese and towards Northern Greece) and has 3 docks and 5 railway lines. The recent constructions include two new buildings with a total surface area of 279 sqm.

The real estate is perfectly serviced by fixed track urban transport, since it is located right next to the metro/subway line of HSAP, while right across the street from the railway station, there is planning for the construction of the Piraeus Station for line 3 of the Metro (Aigaleo- Doukisis Plakentias).

The terms for building and land usage were outline by Joint Ministerial Decision no. 45957/5.11.2004, in accordance with the special legislation for the Olympic Games, and was further defined under document no. 28151/19.7.2006 of the Directorate of Zoning Planning of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Works. In accordance with the current zoning terms, the construction of a building (above the railway tracks and docks) with a coverage of 9,022sqm and a total allowable building area of 37,500sqm.

Location of the Piraeus Railway Station


Existing Building for the Railway Station


Thessaloniki Railway Station

The entire area of the Thessaloniki Railway Station is approximately 90 stremma. It is located in the western part of the center of town and is a transportation hub, given that in addition to the railway station, there is in operation the start of the city buses of the OASTH, while at the same time the terminal station for the Thessaloniki metro is under construction. Due to this, the property is of considerable interest for the development of commercial usage.