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GAIAOSE SA has been operating since 2015 as the administrator for the railway rolling stock, at the behest of the Greek State.

The goal of GAIAOSE SA is the utilization of the rolling stock with the best possible manner, enabling in the near future for the rolling stock used in Greece to be fully competitive with the relevant European rolling stock. As part of this effort, GAIAOSE is planning in investing in the next few years considerable resources for the upgrade of the existing rolling stock. The benefits from these investments will be multiple, in regards to servicing the general public, the transport of goods and the environment.

The fleet being managed consists of 3752 vehicles (locomotive units, passenger and transport units). The largest part of this rolling stock, is leased and use by TRAINOSE. GAIAOSE SA is also in contact with other firms which are active in this sector for additional utilization of the material.

As part of the jurisdiction and duties of the company, for the best possible maintenance and utilization of the Railway rollick stock, GAIAOSE SA has undertaken the following actions:


In the event that you are interested in leasing rolling stock which is being managed by GAIAOSE, please click here in order to fill in the communication form and your request for further information.