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GAIAOSE SA is dynamically proactive in the energy sector, via production through RES. It has constructed in Thriasio Pedio two photovoltaic parks for the production of electrical power with a power of 1.2 ΜW using self-financing. The annual revenues from the sale of electrical power are € 400,000 contributing greatly to the profitability of the company. One of the two photovoltaic parks with a power of 1 ΜW is one of the largest located in any rooftop in Attiki, as well as one of the largest in Greece. Moreover, the company has leased the rooftop of one of its buildings to private investors in order to install a photovoltaic park with a power of 100KW.

Additionally, 6 proposals have been submitted for the construction of wind turbines in the region of Kilkis with a total power of 600 Κw to be self-financed.

Moreover, the company has implemented a study for the wind power capability in the Prefecture of Evros, as well as a study for the exploitation of the geothermal potential in the real estate along the length of the railway line.