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GAIAOSE SA has documented and fully mapped out the entirety of the real estate assets of OSE, through a Study which was undertaken by Consortiums of Technical- Civil Engineering Firms, entitled « Registration and Topographical Documentation of the Real Estate Assets of OSE and registration of OSE Land Ownership », and which covered the entire OSE railway network. These studies were undertaken during the time period between 2003 and 2007, while they were approved and received by GAIAOSE SA in accordance with relevant legislature in regards to receipt of such studies (l. 716/77, P.D. 696/74).

The product of the aforementioned study are the Topographical diagrams which are in the possession of the Directorate of Registry and Monitoring of the Real Estate of GAIAOSE SA and which are fully reliant on the State Network for Coordinates (ΕGSA ’87), for the entirety of the assets of OSE, in which are included, in addition to the topographical key, the alignment of the railway line for the entire network, the boundaries of expropriated land for the existing Railway line for the entire length of OSE and elements for the general infrastructure of OSE, such as buildings and installations.


Based on the aforementioned data, the Directorate of Registry has as its goal the creation of the broadest possible depiction of the real estate of OSE, aimed at providing correct and full data and information to any interested party, service or citizen. Additionally, the company has developed a state of the art Geographical Information System (GIS) through which the total management of information is undertaken, and for which it is the goal of the Directorate to continuously update it with any alterations which might occur and are relevant to the entirety of relevant data for the real estate of OSE, such as land value, building value, surface area for each real estate location, data in regards to designated land and building usage, Land Registry designation information, while finally the full scope of photographic material is available for the real estate under GAIAOSE SA management. With the usage of the Geographic Information System, the company can fully provide:






Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 




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