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GAIAOSE SA has been incorporated in accordance to the provisions of clause στ of paragraph 2 of article 6 of the law decree  674/1970 as is currently in effect, and its incorporation was approved under decision no F25/74398/5420/00/3-10-2001 by the Minister of Transport and  Communications.

In accordance with its provisions of incorporation, GAIAOSE is operating in the public interest in accordance with the rules of Private Sector and its operation is in accordance with the provisions of Laws 3429/05, 3891/2010, 674/1970 and 2190/1920 as well as those provisions which regulate Organizations or companies of the wider public sector.

Under Law3891/2010, GAIAOSE is exclusively and solely responsible, for the management, administration and commercial usage of the real estate assets of OSE and its railway track material resources