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GAIAOSE leases 500 locations throughout Greece and manages one of the largest real estate portfolios in the country with cadastral parcels of 100,000 hectares and a number of buildings over 4500 with a total surface area of 540,000 sq.m.

The central location of the railway stations in most cities and villages throughout the country makes the real estate properties managed by GAIAOSE ideal for development as:

Moreover, the real estate portfolio of GAIAOSE can cover the needs of companies related to usage as office or storage areas.






Georgaphic Information System (GIS) 



In the event that you are interested in leasing a property of GAIAOSE SA and after you specifically located the real estate (building- cadastral code sq. m. ) through usage of the Geographic Information System (GIS) used by our company, press here  to complete the communication form and your request.