Security Services Company public tender according to Law 4412/16


Security Services Company public tender according to Law 4412/16


GAIAOSE SA is a public utility company owned by the Greek State and is involved in the development and management of the Greek railway real estate, rolling stock as well as in electricity production through renewable energy sources.

The Directing Board, according to the company’s decision No. 264/Α5/06-11-2018, has approved the conduct of a public tender under the provisions of Law 4412/16 for the selection of a Security Service company, based on the lowest financial bid.

The tender notice has been posted at GAIAOSE S.A. website. and at

Tender participation presupposes and presumes that each competitor has been fully informed and has unconditionally accepted all the terms contained in the notice.

The competition will take place on Thursday, January 3, 2019, from 09:00 to 12:00 at GAIAOSE S.A.’s building (301 Liosion Ave and Siokou, 1st floor, 104 45 Athens), by a committee to be appointed by the company.

For any matter concerning the Competition you can contact GAIAOSE SA 301 Liosion str., 104 45 Athens (phone +30 2108318158, fax: +30 2108318558) and at




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